Monday, 20 October 2008

Shirley Temple "On the Good Ship Lollipop

"On The Good Ship Lollipop"~Trailer

I know I did a mini biography on Shirley Temple but just wanted to share this clip with you all!


R said...

Love the new colours on your blog allison they really stand out,that shirley is just so cute isnt she,keep the post's coming,see you soon:-)

Allison said...

Oh thank you r for your comments & supporting my work,glad u like the colours took me ages trying to see which colours suited the blog the best,speak 2 u again.

Aslan said...

You really know how to take someone down Memory Lane. You have the most entertaining and intersting blogs on the web. All of them are blogs I would let my children surf thru. Thank you so much, it could not have been easy to put this all together.
I happen to know a little girl that looks very much like Shirley Temple. :-) I really appreciate your work A+

Allison said...

Thank You sooo much for your wonderful comment Aslan.
To be honest with u I let the blog sit idle for awhile but just recently started posting again.
She must be a real cutie if she looks anything like Shirley :-)
I dont think the star's from that era should be forgotton so I like to remind people what true classic star,s,film,s actor's & actressess
they were in them days.
Thanks again for the visit, comment & encouragement!!!

Evangeline Daisy said...

I love Shirley Temple!!!